Monday, November 20, 2006

We are so not BFF anymore....

OK so this weekend we went to see two of our oldest friends. Normal Boy is best friends with the husband and I, well let me just explain what happened........

Normal girl was very good friends with the wife up until the point that she got really competitive with me. I get an Ipod, she gets and Ipod. I buy a designer purse, she buys a designer purse. We buy a house, she buys a house. Yall get the picture.

So we are chilling at their house and everything is going OK until one of her friends from work comes over and she introduces the two of us like this: Normal Girl, this is friend from work, my new best friend... friend from work this is Normal Girl, my OLD best friend.

I tried to ignore it as best I could but I did think it was kind of rude. She then spends the remainder of the evening talking to her cousins in Spanish. I can understand some Spanish but not enough to follow a conversation when someone is talking really fast. So I was doing my best but I was totally lost.

As the evening wears on she trots out her niece who is evidently some kind of psychic palm reader. The girl is proclaimed to be a palm reader because she told someone how another person really hates them ( this was completely obvious to anyone that had been within 100 miles of them) and told a person dying of cancer that they had two weeks ( I have watched a few people die of cancer and when it gets to that point its written all over their face.) So anyways she is telling everyone how they are all married to the person they will spend their lives with and that they will have more children, the normal happy psychic stuff. I then get prompted into having my palm read.

So I give my hand to an overweight 11 year old girl who looks like she could be mildly retarded, and the frenemy (the OLD best friend) starts talking to her in Spanish asking questions that I would have probably not asked her. Like evidently will I get married. I'm engaged right now and honestly I would have never asked that question, at this point in my life I take that as a given. I am then told that yes I will get married. Good to know since we have a house together and he gave me a ring. Frenemy then proceeds to ask if I'm going to marry Normal Boy. WHO IN THE HELL DOES THAT TO AN ENGAGED COUPLE? If the girl tells me I am, great, if she tells me I'm not, how awkward does that make the rest of the evening? From what I was told she decided that I would not marry Normal Boy. Personally I took that with a grain of salt but the frenemy just kind of kept harping on it. She would look at me and say I'm sorry, the palm reader girl is never wrong. What the fuck is up with that? No, my evening wasn't totally ruined or anything at that point. Jesus.

Needless to say Normal boy and I got the hell up out of dodge real quick. I told him about it and he just was like you know I don't believe in that shit but still it irritates me. I feel like now when we get married that group will be like, Ohhhhhh, shes not supposed to be doing that and that they are championing our defeat.

Running off to Vegas is looking really good at this point.

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